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 The £499 Deal

Supply and Install

The System comprises of the following:

4 x 720P HD outdoor cameras

Digital Video recorder fitted with 1TB CCTV Video drive

Mouse, and all cabling.

The cameras are usually fitted to the soffits of the house and cables run through the loft, with a maximum run of 20 meters (can be run further for a small surcharge).

The digital video recorder is usually installed in an upstairs room.

The recorder need to be connected to the internet if the user wishes to view and control the system remotely. You will need a spare port on your router for this. (If you are unsure we can help you on this).

If the router is in the same room, we will connect this up as part of the service.

If the router is located in another room or downstairs we offer a couple of low cost solutions to accommodate this.

The system is not supplied with a monitor, as once setup it can be accessed  and viewed remotely over the network. We can supply a monitor if required, or if you have an old monitor or TV with an HDMI or VGA input, then this can be used.

For the installation, we require unrestricted access to and in the loft area and to the external areas (using ladders) for camera fitting.

The system we supply is usually installed in a 3-bedroom house without issues or additions.

If you feel the installation you require does not match this criteria, or require a free no obligation custom quotation, please feel free to contact us.