If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Below are some of the more common questions.

Q. Do i need an Internet connection?

A. For remote access and viewing on phone the DVR system needs to be connected to the Internet, so a spare port on the back of your router is needed for connection. The DVR will function perfectly if you don’t have internet, but you will not have any of the remote network functions and you will need to use a monitor.

Q. How much if i want a camera mounted further away than 20 meters?

A. We charge £15 for a 30 meter cable if you require a further length, please contact us.

Q. My Modem/router is downstairs, how can i connect to it?

A. In most cases we supply a pair of network link adapters that simply plug into a mains socket (one near the DVR system and one near the router).

Q. Our house is much larger, can we have more cameras?

A. We offer a number of different systems each have a maximum number of cameras that can be attached. The systems  usually progress from 4 to 8 to 16 cameras and upwards, so you can have any number of cameras up to the limit of the system.

Q. Can i have different types of cameras fitted in the package deals?

A. We can mix and match camera types, if the camera is more expensive then we’ll quote you for the difference.

Q.We have lots of stuff in our loft, will the engineers move it for us?

A. The engineers are instructed not to move any of the house content, and need unhindered access to the loft areas, they will however move small items with discretion.